Within this site - My professional & Personal Architectural Portfolios


Architecture, for me, cannot simply be defined. It is intelligence expressed through design that should surprise, amaze or captivate us when encountered and something that allows us to view and experience new worlds within our daily existence.


I deem architecture as a question that enables me as a designer to appreciate every aspect of a project and now working for a large firm in central London has allowed me to experience and tackle a wide variety of projects of differing scales.


Architecture experiments with presumptions over matters of convention, sustainability and the economy, whilst impacting on all of society. It is the prospect of a career in this industry, that challenges these questions, that is a dream for a creative person such as myself.


Welcome to my blog, this is a selection of both internal university portfolio work and external examples of my work. Please contact me for any information or questions you may have.


Email: tom@insideout247.com