Architectural Personal Statement

Architecture, for me, cannot simply be defined. It is intelligence expressed through design that should surprise, amaze or captivate us when encountered and something that allows us to view and experience new worlds within our daily existence.


I deem architecture as a question that enables me as a designer to appreciate every aspect of a project and now working for a large firm in central London has allowed me to experience and tackle a wide variety of projects of differing scales.


Architecture experiments with presumptions over matters of convention, sustainability and the economy, whilst impacting on all of society. It is the prospect of a career in this industry, that challenges these questions, that is a dream for a creative person such as myself.


I graduated from Greenwich University with a First Class Honours degree in Architecture and since then my experience has been inspiring. I have worked on numerous projects spanning various RIBA stages from large residential projects to detail design.


In 2013 I received the SELSA Commendation Award and I was nominated for the RIBA Bronze Medal award for the same year. My final year University project is soon to be published in ‘Architecture Lover’ and posted on their website. This appreciation of my work has only driven  me to strive for greater success and to attempt to break boundaries with intuitive design.


I was delighted to win the inter-company live project design competition for the new VIP entrances to Wembley Stadium. My design was chosen and is to be commissioned this year. I was able to show my architectural style while adhering to the complex design brief that resulted in my design proving to be striking whilst site-specific. It was through this type of opportunity that I was able to fully express my passion for architecture and my artistic flare whilst combining the knowledge learned in both practice and university to its full potential.


In addition I worked directly with leading architects on a successful design competition entry for a new city quarter in Manchester where I aided the design of the master plan down to specific conceptual iconic building designs. I was able to use my considerable knowledge of modelling programmes to test, win and justify thought processes to support my challenging ideas.


I have recently been appointed as the structural coordinator for one of the company’s largest residential projects and this is combined with numerous other responsibilities including coordinating subcontractor drawings and working directly with planners on progressing construction drawings across the entire project.  This has given me a realisation of architecture and allowed me to experience the practical, legal and administrative hurdles of architecture on site and follow up drawings through to construction whilst building a solid network relationship with contractors at a personal level.


I am a passionate photographer both on ground and under water having worked as a diving instructor and sub aqua photographer in Abu Dhani and other locations , selling prints and working for nature preservation schemes including the construction of a new reef in Dibba for which I was the team head.


Working within a large company has allowed me to prove myself and broaden my experience. I have an energetic, enthusiastic and creative approach to not just architecture but indeed life itself and I am ambitious whilst being rational, intuitive and driven.


The approach I have both in and out of the office has provided me with great prospects and thus permitted my design input to be implemented through projects of differentiating scales ranging from bespoke detailing, façade design, plot layouts and interior design, strategic design and planning, through to Master-planning.


Edit: Since writing this I have qualified and this site will be revamped shortly!