Guerrilla Intervention

> BRIEF_01:Peckham Experiment


#01: guerrilla interventions


"So long as we represent technology as an instrument, we remain held fast in the will to master it. We press on past the essence of technology. When, however, we ask how the instrumental comes to presence as a kind of causality, then we experience this coming to presence as the destining of revealing" 


We can no longer rely on an inherent permanence in architecture and thus we must engage with the potential of the temporary. Do our technological pursuits genuinely have the capacity to reveal something to us or about us? Can our pre-fabricated high-speed assemblies offer possibilities beyond short-term efficiency?


In BRIEF_01 We will investigate the chosen area of Peckham and identify a suitable test bed site to perform the experiment. We will make proposals for a fabrication method that will facilitate high-speed or direct installation. We aim to understand whether there is possibility in this technique to re-define the perception of a space quickly and dramatically. The proposition, execution and results of will be documented accordingly in a manner appropriate to the experiment’s progression. 


Below are some examples of my work to show the extent of the projects aims. Please click on the images for a slideshow.