Within this tutorial we learnt how to produce a 3d scene from a 2d image using the photoshop technique of vanishing point. 

The concept uses a grid system as shown in the screenshots and converts it into a readable file in after effects that can then be repositioned to become planes with materials (planar images) and thus create a perspective view of a scene. 

Screenshot 01:


This shows the initial photoshop technique using the filter vanishing point where planes are mapped using a grid system. each grid exports as an image for 3d use.

Screenshot 02:


The set up within After effects. Numerous scale and position tweeks are necessary before the image starts to come to life.


Screenshot 03:


Further evidence of the manipulation within after effects. Here you can see how the floor has been taken from the orginal photo and mapped on to a regular rectangular plane.

Screenshot 04:


A side plane mapped to a rectangle.

Screenshot 05:


The final composition showing the corridor set up and the camera positioning allowing a realistic perspective using a 35mm lens and a path through the elements.