Within the following video I have used the techniques learnt within After effects in Tutorial 01 to complete a short animation in 2D.

The animation explores the way in which after effects can use pre composed photoshop documents to create editable layers in 2D space.

A camera was used at 50mm respectively. Please see Introduction_01 for information on the techniques used to create the short introduction to the series of videos within the after effects tabs.

Screenshot 01:


This shows the initial layer set up of the image. More were added within after effects including external images for transformations and transitions.


Screenshot 02:

This shows the initial layer set up again but highlighting the layers that were isolated for movement.

Screenshot 03:

The scene in after effects showing the camera set up with various elements transformed.

Screenshot 04:

A close up allowing a glimpse at one of many added layers, the police car. Tracking of lights, glowing, masks and transparency were a few of many effects and layers used to create this image.