With all the predictions and pressing climatic changes soon to approach the capital it provides a blank canvas with the site as a source of core experimental value. The site is central to the flood plains thus proving to be a connector to all of london and a location to contain the beginning of a new methodology behind architecture as we know it. 

A system of complex high rise buildings will stand within the water, e-designing the landscape and issuing an augmented reality for all. With technologies integrated at the most economical, social and aesthetic means possible, greenwich peninsula will become the virtual and physical behind londons movement towards a new era, working along side nature and using nature to its fullest whilst renewing all resources used. 

There is a heterogeneous problem in terms of designing the physical elements and establishing the shape in order to build high rise buildings. It is imperative to have the architecture that gives inspiration to users, a utopia, an aesthetic pleasing to all, environmental infrastructure, time and technological competency in order to form an ideal space.

The new UTOPIA will provide the links depleted by the flooding and improve on all creating a systematic approach to ideal standards of living, transport, virtual and reality.  The space in which only the physical elements are established should meet  the four conditions of capital, infrastructure, time and technology. However, when using the virtual object, the physical space in which people can walk and interact with, will most likely be generated in a minimal form with the virtual taking over.