I chose the area to of my urban proposal to model based on my chosen site.


I decided to construct the model primarily from laser cut wood and to use rhino to unroll the surface to give me accurate panels.


I created a series of programmed panels in the 3d printer and prepared these in max as shown below.


I sort to create a very unique type of base for the model.


I wanted to create an abstract representation of water by pushing a material to its limits. I created the base with a simple 500mm x 500mm steel plate and scrubbed the surface down with a watered down hydrochloric acid solution.


Once this was treated I prepared a solution of pva and clear varnish mix to be applied. The hydrochloric acid acted as a loosening agent on the metal and released any surface oils.


Then I created a perimeter wall around the entire model an then poured the solution in bit by bit. The oils react differently, producing colour and different shapes when in contact with drying pva and varnish whilst creating a high gloss surface.